Hello Leader,
I want to thank you for your interest for the Red Leaders Conference. My heart is always to bless
and build God’s kingdom through the local church. That might be the very reason why many of
you have been drawn to attend our conferences to begin with, because you know that you will
receive transparent ministry. It is in that same heart that we have decided to cancel this year’s
Red Leaders Conference. This is a decision that I have wrestled with, prayed about, and
discussed with my oversight. We are going to put our energy and resources into the local
church through Red Leaders Roundtables, Zoom Calls, and Conferences that will be in the future.
Right now I want to focus on more intentional building of the local church, and pastoring the
growth that we have been experiencing at i5 City.
If you have already registered, we will send you a full refund of your registration to maintain our integrity of finances. Our
team will be processing refunds in the next two weeks. If you do not receive your refund or a
member of our team has not contacted you, you can contact my office by emailing
[email protected]
I encourage you as well if you have not registered for the ARC Conference, to go ahead and
register for it, my team and I will be there.
Let’s go change the world,

Pastor Jimmy Rollins